Alice’s Tree

Photo of large evergreen tree named Alice's Tree

Standing beside the Center Meeting House is a tall spruce that was planted more than 50 years ago by a town resident, ninety-plus-year-old Alice Lynn. In Newbury, the story of Alice’s Tree is one often told at the Center Meeting House:

One September day around 1961, Alice had a friend buy a blue spruce for her in Concord to plant at the Center Meeting House, where she had been a trustee for many years.

The day after that very first Hallowe’en, Alice drove by and noticed that her three-foot tree was missing. When she stopped to check it out, she found it on the ground and immediately replanted it in the same spot. Alice recalls that people driving by must have thought it strange to see her standing there wagging her finger at the tree as she loudly admonished, “You grow, little tree!”

And with that event began her long love affair with that tree, which still stands strong, straight and healthy. Alice was certain that this is because everyone in town loves that tree.

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