The Bell Tower being renovated.

Help Keep Our Community Strong

Support a great cause and please consider making a donation to the Virginia Kennedy Endowment Fund.

The Center Meeting House of Newbury is pleased to announce the establishment of the Virginia Kennedy Endowment Fund. With your help, this endowment fund will grow and ensure that this “jewel of our community” will offer all of us a meeting place for years to come in honor of her memory.

Gifts may be made in cash or securities and are tax-deductible as provided by law.

Our goal is to create a fund of $250,000  to cover operating and communication costs.

Checks may be made out to The Center Meeting House of Newbury and sent to PO Box 50, Newbury, NH 03255

Support the Center Meeting House of Newbury

Help us to preserve this lovely historic building. Thank you!


A Bit About Ginny

Virginia Kennedy

Ginny Kennedy came to Newbury in 1948 when her parents bought shorefront property and built a summer cabin that the family still enjoys. She attended services at the Center Meeting House, especially after marrying a minister Charles Kennedy, who preached regularly each summer. Both were members of the original Board of Trustees in the 1990s and transitioned to the new board when the Center Meeting House renovation project began. Ginny served many years as treasurer of the board. A generous gift by Charles Kennedy started the Virginia Kennedy Endowment Fund in memory of his wife.

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