Policy Guidelines for Using the Center Meeting House of Newbury, NH

Religious services have been held in this building since its erection in the 1830s. It is available for any denomination.

Building Capacity per Fire Certificate:

The main floor seats 245 people.

The balcony seats 20 people.

The building has a ‘reverse pulpit’ so the pulpit is located immediately after entering the main hall. There are pews on two aisles but there is no connection between them so a procession around the pews is not possible.

This historic structure has no heating, air conditioning, or plumbing.

There is a ramp for wheelchair access.

Food and drink (other than water) are only allowed in the foyer or outside. No alcohol is allowed except for ceremonial purposes.

Flowers and decorations must not be attached by any means to any surface of the building’s interior or exterior.

Words can be placed in the marquee outside in advance of the event.

A manual pump organ is in the building and may be played by a qualified person. Electricity is available and sound equipment may be used.

There are no spotlights in the building.

When booking for a wedding, additional access may be arranged for the wedding rehearsal. However, rice, bubbles, and confetti may not be used inside or outside of the building. Birdseed or flower petals may be thrown outside.

A non-refundable deposit of $75 is required to secure a booking.  This will be considered as a payment on account of the booking fee of $250 per day. Fees must be paid one month in advance of the event.

Funerals or memorial services are usually made with special arrangements.

Applications for a booking may be obtained by sending a request to:

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