Our Mission

Our first and foremost goal was to restore the Center Meeting House to its former glory, and to ensure that the restoration would last.

As most of this work has already been completed, We are now focused on maintaining and preserving the Center Meeting House and encourage its continued use.

Our Vision

It is our vision to preserve the Center Meeting House for future generations and to make it a center for activities that will unite and enrich our community.

The impact of our Mission and Vision statements is a building that is not only secure for another two centuries, but one which also plays a central role in the lives of our community members and their families.

About Center Meeting House

The Center Meeting House organization is a 501(c)3 charity registered with the IRS, that works to restore, preserve and encourage the use of our Center Meeting House, located at the center of scenic Newbury, New Hampshire. This glorious building is a showcase of our town’s history, and serves as a grand venue for a variety of town-wide events or intimate family, cultural or civic gatherings.

We expect that the Center Meeting House will:

  • Be as it was architecturally
  • Be the heart of our community
  • Connect us to our forefathers
  • Host cultural, social and family events
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas
  • Unite and enrich us in this beautiful town of Newbury, New Hampshire

Come Inside and See the Center Meeting House

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